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Robotsports, a combination of football and technology. The Robotsports' football robots play totally autonomous 5 against 5. Robotsports is an open team of passionate technicians with various backgrounds that enjoy building a team of autonomous football robots. The team comes together in the Robotsport Arena to improve the robots and work on the new generation of robots.

We play matches against other teams during tournaments. In the Eindhoven / Veldhoven area (The Netherlands) are a number of teams so a friendly game can be regularly organized. During these games new innovations are tested and new points of attention are appreciated. The passionate technicians of the team are also happy to make children enthusiastic about technology through workshops and events.

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Kids are programming our robots
Van Maerlant Lyceum: masterclass and 2 vs 2 demonstration
Maker Faire 2018
2 vs 2 during the Maker Faire 2018
Preparations for the next game
Charging robots at a tournament
Our new robot on the field